Established in late 2019 by Lewis Fowler, Protal is a studio based band that hopes to one day expand into live performance. Protal was named as a shorthand verion of "Prog metal”.

Lewis and John met through the website Fiverr in 2019, Lewis wanted a dynamic vocalist for his project, someone who was adept at both screaming and singing.


"Fiverr is a huge platform with many talented creators. I spent some time looking for a vocalist, though i found myself continually returning to Johns page, his voice stood out a planet away."

 At the time Lewis was the sole creator of Protal and writer of all the instrumentals. He needed a unique voice to help him cut through the noise of all the other prog metal bands.

​The two collaborated on their first song “Inevitable”, during the process both Lewis and John found a keen work flow that suited both their visions.

Protal has many influences from the modern prog scene, though some that stand out are:

Vola, TesseracT, Textures, Messhugah, Humanity's Last Breath.


Both Lewis and John enjoy the same genres and artists, which bleeds into their music. Together they are converting their own inspiration into audio for the world to connect with.

Lewis Fowler close up.jpg


A composer, vocalist and instrumentalist based in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.


Lewis began learning guitar at age 11. 
Based in a small country town called Charters Towers, time went by and Lewis grew more fond of music, spefically guitar. This slowly evolved into a love for composing.

Lewis found himself focused on synchronisation between instruments, enjoying the interactions and fluidity between drums, bass, guitar etc.

"When you learn how to tell an interesting story with all of these thing working together, there’s nothing quite like the reward or feeling. It’s amazing."

As time went by Lewis was involved in multiple projects, however his ultimate goal was to do it himself and thus became Protal. Focused primarily on creating progressive metal that pushed the boundaries of what the current genre contains, Lewis tracked all his own instrumentation and produced the bands first record "Chaotic Order."



Based in Lexington, USA, John is a composer, vocalist, instrumentalist, and producer. Some of his projects include A Social Abattoir, Cymatics, and a number of contributions ghostwritten for Fiverr projects.


Most of his time in the music industry has been spent playing guitar for different groups local to Louisville, Lexington, and Murfreesboro. However, in recent times John has spent his time focusing on production, mixing, mastering, and bass tracking for current projects.

John has one goal: To spend as much time as possible contributing to music projects, in whatever role is needed.


Meeting Lewis through Fiverr, John provided vocals for Protals first project. With every release the two found a mutual respect for each others work ethic, and the collaboration became a permanent stay.


"His tracks are challenging at times from a vocalist's standpoint, but also

well-crafted enough to be inspiring, which is a combination hard to come by."

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